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Photo by Kendal J. Bush


Who do you live in Nashua with?

"I live with my husband, our children, 2 dogs, and 3 cats."

Are you from Nashua?

"No. I was born in the Midwest. I lived in southern Illinois. I first visited New England in my childhood and fell in love with it then."

What brought you to Nashua?

“My husband was born and raised here. He introduced it to me and it was an instant sense of being home. We were married in Nashua and are proud to finish raising our children here. Fun fact: My in-laws were the original founders of the New Hampshire Magazine, created right here in Ward 7. They have a deep love and respect for this area that it’s been great to learn about Nashua’s history from them.”

What's your favorite thing about Nashua?

"That’s a tough one. I love our Main Street area. There are so many amazing coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. It’s great that the majority are unique to this area."

What made you decide to run for office?

“I see a real need for sound decision making and rational, fair conversations about what’s best for our city and state. We are losing the best part of democracy when we turn to fear and hate to govern. I am a survivor of and advocate for domestic violence victims. As someone who has found my own voice in the last decade and helped dozens of others to find theirs, I know all too well the damage caused by voices being pushed aside. I would be honored to represent yours.”



What I care about and how I plan to help Nashua Ward 7 voters.

On July 9, Alicia was invited by Regina Schearer to offer her thoughts on multiple topics, including a lack of common sense gun laws and how it ties into the domestic violence epidemic.

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